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Learn how to drive your 4x4 in the snow!

Learn how to drive your 4x4 in the snow! Learn how to drive your 4x4 in the snow!

4x4 Snow Driving - Preparation for inclement weather & adverse conditions

Many companies,organisations and individuals are turning to 4x4 vehicles as a necessity during the current bad weather.

We are lead to believe these vehicles are the answer to hazardous conditions, offering extra traction to maintain progress.

Simply hiring a 4x4 vehicle is not enough if the driver does not understand how it works or the techniques required to drive it safely in the snow! Indeed a "false sense of security" may cause problems of it's own.!

We have been providing training recently to a wide variety of customers from Hospital Trusts and Housing Associations and Construction Utilities ,Local Authorities and Insurance call centres, as well as Maintenance companies,who all have or hire 4x4s to move key staff and equipment to maintain essential services,contract and care commitments

Learn how to drive your 4x4 in the snow! Learn how to drive your 4x4 in the snow!

Many fail to realise with out the proper training the average driver is unlikely to know when and how to select 4 wheel drive, what to do if the vehicle slips, which way to steer to control skids and hill start techniques on slippery surfaces.

This could leave employers exposed under their duty of care to provide training for equipment provided at work.

All of these subjects and more will be covered in our training courses, which will make drivers safer and more efficient and may well reduce accidents.

Our nationwide centres can provide convenient, controlled environments to experience slips, slides and skids and the techniques required to control them .

Please call us on 01792 862669 or email to discuss your requirements.

4x4 training in the snow, inclement weather and adverse conditions from All Terrain Services Ltd.


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