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Wild Wales
Welsh Green Lane Safaris

Join one of our self-drive, guided weekend 4x4 off road safari adventure trips through the beautiful Welsh countryside . Experience wild and remote areas, driving ancient mountain tracks, historic ridgeways and old drovers' roads.

These mini expeditions will appeal to non-competitive 4x4 drivers who yearn for a new vehicular experience but who value their vehicles' paintwork, and who may have only limited off-road driving experience. Our philosophy is one of non damage both to vehicle and countryside. Our team leader guide will be available for advice at all times during each day, and will assist with 'spotting' on the more demanding sections of our route.

Vehicles should be road legal, and in good running order. A spare wheel is essential. Drivers should be familiar with all the basic controls of their 4x4 vehicle. For drivers wanting to improve their off-road skills we can offer a pre-safari driving experience or training at one of our 9 nationwide BORDA approved sites.

The safaris run in various areas of Wales. Accommodation is not included in the price. However, we can recommend suitable accommodation on a B&B basis, with evening meal available. For the hardier members we can suggest camping sites close to each day's start and end points. Sun, rain, wind and snow are likely (often in the same hour) according to season, but with altitudes frequently in excess of 1000 feet, warm and waterproof clothing is always a good idea. You will see the countryside from viewpoints that were familiar to the drovers of old. Lookout for ancient 'way marks' dating back to the Roman era in Wales, even earlier in the more remote places. Our groups meet either Friday night at a local hostelry, or at our starting point on Saturday morning. We will stop for cups of tea, lunch, photo shoots as frequently as weather and views dictate, and each day will finish on tarmac before dusk, with the safari concluding on Sunday at approx. 1600hrs.

Calender 2017
Wild Wales

28th, 29th and 30th August
9th and 10th September
14th and 15th October
18th and 19th November
28th and 29th December

Pyrenees Adventure 2017
2nd - 15th September
17th 28th September

Charges for Wild Wales are

80 per vehicle for the 1 day tour.
150 per vehicle for the 2 day tour
220 per vehicle for the 3 day tour

20 Deposit required to secure your place

Charges for our Pyrenees trips are from 1295 and includes camping for up to 2 people, Guide and Off Road Support.

Travel directions will be sent on booking.

To book call All Terrain Services 01792 862669

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